Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Items!!!

Just listed a few birds over on Ebay which close this coming weekend.

Always wanted to create an ostrich but it kept getting pushed to the back burner for quite a while. Well, I finally got him drawn up, sewn and finished and really like how he turned out. He's quite the tall one, LOL, and is very "commanding" sitting on my hutch in the living room. LOL

Instead of adding tons of feathers and wings and detail, I decided to just keep him very simple and prim. I'm glad I went that way as he's one prim and grungy ostrich. :)

I don't think there are many Primitive Blue Footed Booby Dolls out there, LOL.

I always thought these guys are so unique with there normal shaded feathers and then their baby blue feet. :) You can't help but love their given name. LOL My youngest boys just laugh every time they say it. :)

After watching a nature show with my son, Chase, he suggested that I should create a Puffin doll as they are so unique and very similar in "style" to the Toucan which I have loved creating in the past. Their beaks are alot of fun to create and paint. LOTS of paint went into this guy. Seems like a Puffin lover has already set sights on adopting him over on Ebay so he'll be on to his new home soon!

I'm really happy to be starting some Halloween dolls/critters now, although I'm in NO HURRY for summer to end and for Fall to arrive. :) "Jack" is a pumpkinhead doll that originated at OCSC last Fall. Each one has been slightly different and seems to have it's own personality. :) Very prim and very much a Halloween staple for any prim home!

No Halloween home would be complete without a Piranha! :) This guy was a blast to create and actually came out looking alot scarier than I thought it would. LOL Thank goodness it's teeth are just frayed burlap and not the real thing!!! For it's tag, I thought to switch up the common statement of "its bark is worse than its bite" by putting "my bite is worse than my bark". These guys definately don't have the size and outward appearance of being nasty little ones, but can't ignore their mouths and what they can do with them.......LOL A couple of years ago, I created a scary deep sea fish for the Halloween season, so I figured I'd tap the waters of the Amazon for this season's scary fish creation. :)
All of these critters are now up for adoption over on Ebay........
Till later!