Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Halloween Critters!!

Just finished and listed several new Halloween/fall critters over on Ebay. Halloween and Fall is one of my favorite seasons to create for as it's so much fun to think of creepy and weird things to do to my exsisting stable of creatures. :O) Of course, leading the way...front and center is my Halloween version of my Original Primitive Clam.....Count Clamula. :-P Actually, he's a little scary in "real life", LOL, as he's sitting here on my mantel and all I can see in the early morning shadows is his red eyes peeking out from behind his black and red shell. How a clam could be scary??? Who knows, but he can be at times. :O)

This pumpkin head make do/nodder always cracks me up when I look at him. He's one whimsical, silly creation. :)

My elephant witch is back for this Halloween season. This year her new addition is her pumpkin bucket she's holding. I added a flicker bulb inside which makes it look really cool at night!

My primitive Owl was new this summer and I loved how she turned out so much that I made another version of her as a Halloween witch, complete with a set of wooden witches' books. :)

All these critters, and some others, are now over on ebay ready to be adopted!
Now off to play outside with my boys!!!

till later!