Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Santa on Ebay!

Here's my latest Santa critter, just listed over on Ebay......I just can't resist sewing these elephants. :O) Just click on the photo to go take a looksie!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just spent a few days setting up a new website....whew, what a task, especially with Ty roaming around the house getting into EVERYTHING! LOL
I'll still have my current site www.oldecrowseedco.com up and running until the end of Jan 09. The new site is up and running (with a couple of minor glitches I must admit LOL) currently. Feel free to go take a look. http://oldecrowseedco.webs.com/
I'll be adding any new critters over to the new site from now on as well as continuing to add once per month over at my shoppe on Lemon Poppy Seeds. Please bear with me on the new site as I'm having to do all the graphics and editing and adding from a blank slate with not much user help. It shall turn out pretty interesting to say the least. LOL
Hope you're having a wonderful December and are making plans for a great holiday season!
till later!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Prim Platy has arrived! :O)

Well, I finally got this guy sewn and listed on Ebay yesterday! I only drew his design out over 6 mos ago!! LOL Being that it gets dark soooooo early here in New England (pitch dark here in NH by 4:30) I've been having the hardest time getting good indoor photos. I'd much rather take the picts outside with the natural light. But, between the early darkness and now, the bitter cold temps.....I'll just stay in where it's warm. :O)
Had our first real flurries last week while we were finished up blowing the last of the leaves off of our yard. Boy, the wind has just been crazy here during the past few days. Really makes for some biting cold days.
I also have a Pelican Santa, a Santa Clam (of course :O) ) and a Santa Frog on ebay. They all close during this weekend, so I've got lots of work to do creating new designs and getting them listed hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Till later!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well, we're definately in the middle of a typical New England November here in NH. Gloomy, and lots of rain. All the beautiful leaves are gone........actually they are all laying on my yard at the moment. LOL November seems to be a bit of a warm up to the long cold winters here in NH. Sort of a preshow without the snow. LOL
I have been soooooo busy with Dylan's cross country and Cody's band season that I haven't done much sewing and listing on both my site and ebay. I've got TONS of new ideas and have been sketching lots of new critters and ideas........just have to find the second to actually escape from the kiddos (and hubby :) ) and get to creating!
My parents came up to visit with us from Florida and stayed the entire month of Oct. We had a BLAST! I love it when they're here as we are so far away from family and it's not often that we can get down to Fl. now that the boys are older and have full schedules. I took them to alot of New Englands awesome sites to see.......Kennebunkport (my dad's favorite), Lake Winni and the Christmas Loft which is AWESOME, Deerfield, Mass and the Yankee Candle Main store (another huge and awesome store!), Essex, Mass (several times :) ), Glouchester, Mass, Marblehead, and of course...the best place to go in Oct before Halloween....Salem Mass. :) Awesome town to visit during Oct. when they are in full Halloween "mode". LOL They are coming back up for Christmas, yeay!, so maybe I can "convince" my dad to go down to Boston for the day. he he he
Well, gonna go try and sew some since it's raining and cold out..........
till later!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pirate Dodo Bird Found at OCSC!

Well, my Capt Jack Dodo is up and runnin' on Ebay. :O) He was a blast to create! I never tire of sewing and creating new and different Dodo Birds. LOL Make sure to check him out in all his glory over on my Ebay link!!!
Till later!

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Kitty on Ebay!

I just listed this black cat over on Ebay. As are all my black cats I create, I get my inpiration for them from my own black kitty, Binx. Binx seems to know when Halloween is coming as he definately gets more of an "attitude" around his "favorite holiday". LOL

I also have a silly, strange lookin' bat on Ebay as well. It takes a bit of time to get my critters sewn and listed lately as Ty is really into EVERYTHING, all the time. LOL Keeps me on my toes to say the LEAST! :)

till later!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Halloween Critters!

Finally finished some new critters for Halloween and listed them over on Ebay yesterday. What a feat it is with Ty "helping" every chance he gets! LOL The older boys are off to school this morning, so it's me and Ty left here to get some primming done!! Ty always has his own "agenda" which always leads to an interesting......and exhausting day! :) Looks like wonderful DRY weather today for NH. Had quite the rain storm Sat. from leftover TS Hannah, but it's all good today!
Till later~

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer's end at OCSC

Wow! Summer has FLOWN by!! :( We got in a last minute vacation down to my ole' summer stompin' grounds, Garden City Bch, SC. What a wonderful time we had! The photo above is what we saw each and every morning right off of our back porch. Just gorgeous. It was just enough to give me lots of new critter ideas to create for this fall. :) Hopefully it was enough to get me through another upcoming long New England winter. LOL

I'm finally getting a few things sewn and listed on Ebay. Hopefully will get some more critters created and listed on my website as well as Lemon Poppy Seeds. My boys (three of them at least) went back to school last week. My oldest just started high school. :-O Where did the time go with him????? So far, knock on wood, he loves his new school and is thoroughly enjoying his new high school "freedoms". LOL I, on the other hand, have to get used to the whole thing. hehehe :)
Well, below are some photos from SC last month...........

Ty enjoying lunch at Flo's..... :)

Dylan makin' friends with a Gator at The Lazy Gator.

Cody and Gernie at Flo's....

Chase, Ty, Gernie, and Dylan rockin' at The Lazy Gator....

Gee, look what "washed" ashore in SC! LOL :)
Ok, off to pick up Dylan from cross country...........
Bye for now! :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's my lastest critter...... Lady Liberty. :o)

Well, slowly but surely I'm getting my new critters started and one just got listed on Ebay today. With three of my boys still sick with the flu, things are S L O W going here. LOL Still beautiful weather here in NH.....can't ask for anything better!!!!

Special Artist Award!

My dear NEPG sister and friend, Linda of Linda*Pinda*Designs tagged me yesterday with a Special Artist Award! After the LONG week (s) I've had between everyone at some point having the flu (LOL) what a nice suprise to receive this honor from such a talented artist herself! I'm truly touched and am so flattered that she'd even think of me in the same category as herself, and the others who have been given this award. You are a true and dear friend, Linda, with a heart of gold!! Thanks so much!!!!

Till later!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, today has been a glorious day here in New Hampshire as Spring is here in full swing and we're starting to see a little green peekin' out from our front and back yards. :) I've taken a break from crafting ~ although I've got TONS of ideas I want to start on ~ to spend the weekend enjoying working in my yard with my boys and hubby. :) Most of my inspiration within my items/creations comes directly from my interactions/experiences with the outdoors and nature. This past weekend was no exception as even though I'm recooperating from the flu, I had the chance to sit outside and get lots of interesting ideas for my critters. I've got at least one of my four boys very sick with the flu right now, but as soon as he's recovered, I feel very inspired to start creating!!!
God bless!