Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's my lastest critter...... Lady Liberty. :o)

Well, slowly but surely I'm getting my new critters started and one just got listed on Ebay today. With three of my boys still sick with the flu, things are S L O W going here. LOL Still beautiful weather here in NH.....can't ask for anything better!!!!

Special Artist Award!

My dear NEPG sister and friend, Linda of Linda*Pinda*Designs tagged me yesterday with a Special Artist Award! After the LONG week (s) I've had between everyone at some point having the flu (LOL) what a nice suprise to receive this honor from such a talented artist herself! I'm truly touched and am so flattered that she'd even think of me in the same category as herself, and the others who have been given this award. You are a true and dear friend, Linda, with a heart of gold!! Thanks so much!!!!

Till later!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, today has been a glorious day here in New Hampshire as Spring is here in full swing and we're starting to see a little green peekin' out from our front and back yards. :) I've taken a break from crafting ~ although I've got TONS of ideas I want to start on ~ to spend the weekend enjoying working in my yard with my boys and hubby. :) Most of my inspiration within my items/creations comes directly from my interactions/experiences with the outdoors and nature. This past weekend was no exception as even though I'm recooperating from the flu, I had the chance to sit outside and get lots of interesting ideas for my critters. I've got at least one of my four boys very sick with the flu right now, but as soon as he's recovered, I feel very inspired to start creating!!!
God bless!