Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to some painting!

"The Easter Egg Tree"

After a long period of not doing any painting, I decided to jump back into painting to finally finish an idea I had about a year ago. LOL I just listed "The Easter Egg Tree" on Ebay. It was alot of fun to create and I love how painting always brings me to another place. I had forgotten how relaxing painting is for me! Of course, it's not easy to do with a 4 yr old running around so I was able to paint this piece while my son was at his school for the day. :)


Sometimes I run into really cool fabrics that I just feel the need to buy without a "plan". Alot of my designs started just that way. Either a fabric or even a song will get my mind thinking of what it reminds me of and what to create out of it. This catfish was thought up after I purchased this awesome square of cat themed fabric. To me, making a flat catfish with it seemed to fit the mold. :) He's definitely one funky lookin' fishy! LOL He was also just listed over on Ebay.

Well, looks like I'll be taking a long three day weekend from sewing and painting in order to hang out with my sons. It's their winter break week and we're due for a day or two out and about as cabin fever is taking hold. :) Have a great weekend!

till later!

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Baggaraggs: said...

I really love your work. It is Fresh and speaks to me...I love it! Hugs, Robin